The NANO-finishing is based on nanoparticles and is known for its self-cleaning properties. In filtration we found a lower clean gas concentration.


Advantages of filter media with NANO

  • reduced clean gas concentration (up to 50% in our tests)
  • extremely water-repellent
  • improved stability against hydrolysis
  • self-cleaning properties and thereby improved cleaning 
  • improved resistance against abrasion
  • finishing in the entire material depth


The result is

  • longer life time of the filter elements
  • improved cost / benefit ratio


weights ≥ 400 g/m²
air permeabilities ≥ 150 l/dm² x min
forms of delivery rolled goods
material polyester or polypropylene
products which deviate from the standard are available upon request
Self-cleaning property of the dust side
Self-cleaning property of the dust side
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