Product line for

  • filtration of solids from gases in temperatures above 150°C


Hot gas filtration requires particularly stable fibers. Well-known fiber types are m-Aramid, polyimide, melamine or PPS. A combination of coatings, finishes or antistatic properties is also possible.

  • products with PTFE coating (e.g. FUTUR)
  • antistatic products to avoid electrostatic charges  
  • additional finishing such as hydrolysis and acid protection or PTFE by full bath method
  • pleatable filter media
  • customer-specific products


weights from 300 g/m² to 550 g/m²
air permeabilities from 80 l/dm² x min to 300 l/dm² x min
forms of delivery rolled goods
material m-Aramid, polyimide, melamine or PPS
products which deviate from the standard are available upon request
self-extinguishing filter material
self-extinguishing filter material
resistance against sparks
resistance against sparks
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