You can find our SOLTA®TEC needle felts in a lot of applications. Mostly these needle felts perform their function at hidden places. They are able to be adapted to their application in a wide range.


Coloured needle felts are also used in the design area.


Application areas:

  • the automobile industry
  • mechanical engineering
  • office equipment
  • packaging material
  • vehicle care
  • safety equipment
  • high temperature applications
  • steel generation and -finishing
  • surface processing
  • musical instrument construction
  • design and architecture
needle felt production
needle felt production
needle felt as rolled goods
needle felt as rolled goods
optical control
optical control


This list shows just a few examples which properties needle felts can have. Due to the application we suggest possible and technically combinable properties.


non-combustible/ self-extinguishing for example for applications at high temperatures
saving, transferring liquids dye storage medium for stamp pads, for example
polishing cleaning and polishing surfaces e. g. car washes
gaskets as a punched part or tailored strips
insulating / damping protection against heat, coldness, noise or vibrations
mechanically stable for high tensile loads or gravitational forces, e. g. for brake felt
elastically good re-setting capacity according to the load, e. g. seals
chemically stable for contact with chemicals, e. g. seals
thermally shapeable for example for molded parts in vehicles
non-combustible needle felt
non-combustible needle felt

We work with our customers to develop specific solutions for applications in the widest range of applications.


Often a standard product is not in demand but rather a material exactly adapted to the application.


With additional finishing, the product can be adapted even better to the intended use.


These examples are only a selection. We will be happy to discuss further finishing and details for your application.


smooth, rough or soft surface the adhesion of particles, for example, are being influenced by structuring of the surface.
coatings functional surfaces, e. g. insulating layers or slip-resistant layers can improve the usability of the product.
depth finishing finishes can change needle felts in their properties in a wide range. Examples are the pearling of water drops, the independent extinguishing of inflamed needle felt or also board-hard felts while maintaining the textile look.
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