Offering innovative solutions, our company, GEBR. RÖDERS AG of Soltau, has for over 150 years been a globally respected, leading business partner in the industrial-textile market.


SOLTALINER production plant
SOLTALINER production plant
company ground Soltau
company ground Soltau
production plant
production plant

In 1851, then a department of Carl Breiding & Sohn, we started producing wool felt. Ever since 1922, when we became an autonomous company whose name has not changed to this date, our focus has been on the production of high-quality industrial wool and needle felts. As early as 1966 we began producing needle felts in addition to wool felts. As a spin-off, the production of the first filtration felts was launched in 1972 and ever since 1986, based on our proprietary patent, we have manufactured needle-felt hoses for trenchless pipeline rehabilitation. As one of the pioneers in this industry we obtained DIN EN ISO 9001 certification early-on.


That has enabled us in recent years to gain the reputation of a dependable industrial partner in the development and production of highly specialized textiles and their applications. In our ongoing quest for innovative solutions we see ourselves as an active partner of our customers and it is through this partnership with them that we jointly open up novel areas of application and break-through system solutions. As a result, more and more of our application-specific products are employed around the world, be it in the rehabilitation of pipelines, in filtration processes, in the multifaceted range of technical-industrial applications, for design objects, even for quality footwear uppers or men’s outer garments.


Tradition & Innovation means for us:


Advanced products – manufactured in the tradition of high quality standards.



certificate "Naturstrom"

To meet our social obligations in terms of the proper conservation of the environment, we have converted our entire source of energy to renewable energies. We not only produce our natural product SOLTA®FELT wool felt, but also our SOLTA®FILT filter media, SOLTA®LINER hoses for trenchless pipe rehabilitation and SOLTA®TEC needle felts, exclusively with electricity generated from 100% water power and which are thereby absolutely CO2-free.














Association memberships


The GSTT (The German Association of Trenchless Technology) promotes trenchless construction and maintenance of underground lines of all types in a manner which is environmentally and financially exemplary.




Indian Society for Trenchless Technology (IndSTT) is the autonomous apex organisation to promote the application of Trenchless Technology in India.



Verband der Nordwestdeutschen Textil- und Bekleidungsindustrie e.V.

The Northwestern German Textile and Clothing industry is an employer and trade association for approximately 300 companies in the textile and clothing industry in Westphalia, Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, Bremen and Hamburg.



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